The team

The magical team behind Holy Hair



Jessica is HOLY HAIR’s owner and founder, and works as both Salon Director and Master Hair Stylist in the salon. This means that she is the one who leads and develops the company and the salon, with the help of the others in HOLY HAIR’s fantastic team. Jessica has both a journeyman’s certificate and a master’s certificate in her luggage, together with almost 20 years of experience in the hairdressing profession, both as an employee, rental chair and salon owner.

In the salon, she finds it extra fun to work with color changes, large color projects, and preferably coloring that is a bit edgy and stands out from the crowd. Finding and bringing out the inside of an individual, and giving it an expression on the outside with the help of the hair, is also one of Jessica’s specialties and passions  in the salon.

Jessica has big plans for the salon and the company, and looks forward to expanding further in the future and growing HOLY HAIR as a concept and brand.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing both gym and yoga, reading self-development books, everything spiritual, daydreaming and planning great deeds, traveling, being creative in different ways, and above all, taking the day as it comes.

3 things that make Jessica happy in life are the feeling of flow, wonderful meetings between people, and the knowledge that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.



Matilda works with us as an Advanced Hair Stylist, and it is with great confidence and stability that she takes care of both you and your hair when you sit in the chair. That Matilda is an Advanced Hair Stylist means that she
is a fully qualified hairdresser with a journeyman’s certificate and several years of experience from
the hairdressing profession.

In the salon, Matilda thinks it’s extra fun to make a little bigger,
more advanced color projects, such as balayage and vivid colors, combined with the right haircut and a really nice styling, as that finishing touch!

Matilda always wants to learn new things in the hairdressing profession, and enjoys being able to inspire others. A big goal is to take the Master’s certificate in the future, and thus be able to call yourself a master hairdresser!

In her spare time, Matilda likes to tinker with plants. She has the whole
the apartment full of lovely green! Padel is also something that ends up high on the list, along with family and cats.

Three things that make Matilda happy in life are coffee, animals and music.



Moa is an Intermediate Hair Stylist with us, which means that she has a complete basic training as a hairdresser, has passed both the partial exam and journeyman’s exam, and is a fully qualified hairdresser with a journeyman’s certificate.

In the salon, Moa is more than happy to do lots of balayage, curls and

The ambitions as a hairdresser are to do everything she can to make all her customers happy, inspire and be inspired herself.

When she is not working, Moa enjoys shopping, eating sweets and spending time with her loved ones.

3 things that make Moa happy in life are spending time with loved ones, wallowing in lovely, positive energy and being creative!



Saga has been part of our team for 2 years. During the time as a student at
hairdressing school, she did her internship with us every week. Now, however, her training is complete, which means she has a complete basic training as a hairdresser, and now works with us as a Hair Stylist Trainee, on her way to becoming a fully qualified hairdresser with a journeyman’s certificate.

In the salon, Saga thinks it’s a lot of fun to work with different people
balayage techniques, try different styling methods, and make haircuts that give a completely new hairstyle.

One of Saga’s dreams in the hairdressing profession is to work as a hairstylist in TV/film, and she would also like to try working abroad. But, before that, her goal is to become as good as she can be as a hairdresser!

In her spare time, Saga loves to travel and ski, but above all
spend time with people she likes!

3 things that make Saga happy in life, is when the very first snow falls
for winter, her family and sneakers!



Bullen is our Salon Dog, or saloon dog, as it can also be called, in pure Swedish. He usually hangs out with us in the salon when mother Jessica is working. He doesn’t run loose in the salon, but stays inside our staff room. But he likes to look out the glass door at you who visit us! Bullen is a kind, happy, usually quite quiet, stubborn English bulldog, who loves all people, and if you want to visit him, it is usually very popular!

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