Trained and certified Hairtalk stylists

With us you will find trained and certified Hairtalk stylists, which opens up lots of wonderful possibilities for you and your hair! Hairtalk is perfect for those who want either fuller or longer hair, or why not both?

What distinguishes Hairtalk on the market is above all the unique and gentle tape system, and the smart fasteners. The hair from Hairtalk is reusable and is made from 100% real hair.
The hair is of the highest quality and makes your experience with the product unbeatable, and an obvious choice for those of you who want to choose a gentle option when doing your hair extensions.

Consultation before treatment

We always have a consultation at least 2 weeks before we do a treatment with extensions. We do this so that we can select the perfect shade, length and amount of hair for you. During the consultation, we also look at your own natural hair, and go through together whether any color changes or adjustments need to be made, so that your extensions blend in with your own hair as smoothly as possible.

After the consultation, you will know exactly what we need to do, and you will also receive a price proposal. When we then book an appointment to put in your hair from Hairtalk, you will have to pay a deposit corresponding to 50% of the final price. We take the deposit in advance before we order your hair, as a guarantee and security for your booking.

Book an appointment online

Log in to our online booking and you will easily find when the next free time is available.