HOLY HAIR is a gender-neutral salon, where everyone is welcome, regardless of what you choose to identify yourself as.

That’s why we’ve chosen to skip the old boring and totally outdated concepts of “lady” and “gentleman” when it comes to haircuts, and instead choose to charge for the time we spend on the job, regardless of who you are or what you have between your legs .

Good to know about our haircuts:

How do I know what type of haircut to book?

It’s super easy! Our haircuts are divided into 45 and 60 min. If your hair is 5 cm or shorter, book 45 min. If your hair is longer than 5 cm, you book 60 min. Each stylist level has its own fixed price for the different haircuts, take a look at our price list for more info!

Standard haircut (45/60 min) includes washing and simple styling. If you want extra styling, you need to book extra time as an add-on to your booking, so that we can certainly have time for everything.

How do I get 50 SEK off my haircut?

If after the first haircut you book a new appointment directly on site with your stylist, before going out on the town and looking good, and if the new appointment you book is within 6 weeks; then the next haircut will be SEK 50 cheaper! And maybe the next one after that. And the next one after that. And the next one after that… Yes, you get the idea.

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